At SSTC, we encourage our teams to participate in both local travel tournaments as well as Regional or even National tournaments where out players and families can enjoy experiences that last a lifetime.

When you join SSTC you are part of a soccer family and below are some examples of both past and present trips

In 2023 our teams will be traveling to Boston:

Participating in the Needham Invitational and Wellesley Memorial Day tournaments.

Spending our Saturday night at Gillette Stadium to see the New England Revolution

Each year to conclude and celebrate our season we hit the Beach!

A weekend of Beach soccer combined with wrist bands for the rides and water park are the ultimate way to finish off a long soccer season and prepare for the new.

   Casino Pier - Coasterpedia - The Roller Coaster and Flat Ride Wiki

Examples of prior tournaments and trips include but there are many more: